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The most powerful DiSC facilitator tool ever built !

It’s a “system”

  • It can be used by everyone who trains or consults with DiSC
  • It saves time and helps you to be more creative
  • It helps you discover new ways to use a broad range of DiSC tools in an unlimited variety of applications

It helps beginners

  • Prepare for your first DiSC seminar
  • It provides multiple ready-to-deliver & easy-to-follow development programs based on the DiSC model
  • Get everything laid out and spelled out as you try to customize solutions for each of your clients
  • Model the facilitation process by providing questions that lead to discovery
  • Model the process for ‘revealing’ DiSC reports for maximum impact over the course of a program

It helps experienced DiSC Trainers

  • Save time generating your own programs with a powerful DVD, Powerpoint’s and a framework for you to be creative
  • It helps you quickly and easily prepare solutions to address organizational needs
  • Discover new ways to use DiSC tools you already use
  • See how other DiSC tools can be used
  • Extend your clients relationships by offering answers to the question “what do we do next?

It helps facilitators and consultants

  • Save time and increase creativity
  • Customize solutions with your own activities and case studies
  • Establish a platform for ongoing DiSC programs that lead clients into next steps and next tools
  • Establish a stronger, deeper bond with Train-The-trainer programs
  • Get clients up-to-speed faster who don’t attend Train-The-trainer

The most powerful DiSC facilitator tool ever built !

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