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Discovering provides solutions & services to the Human Resources community PDF Print E-mail

Image Our mission is to provide to facilitators simple and easy DiSC® tools for complex Human Resources development opportunities.

Based on the DiSC® model, these solutions & services are affordable & available for all purposes related to social styles & behavioral preferences.

Training, coaching, selection & recruitment, assessment, career development, and many other Human Resources activities are becoming more efficient & forceful with the use of DiSC® solutions.

Discovering is building & supporting a network of certified trainers & facilitators. All request from the market are immediately proposed & submitted to the network of certified trainers & facilitators.

Thru an adapted marketing approach, Discovering provides a lot of business opportunities to all trainers & facilitators.

Discovering is constantly improving his services & solutions, sharing the latest information to all trainers and facilitators while creating an active and dynamic Human Resources professional community.


DiSC® Personal Profile System

Experienced by over 45 million people worldwide, DiSC® is one of today's most powerful personal growth tools. It helps you understand yourself and your impact on others.



The power to transform individuals, teams, organizations. Wiley provides valuable products and services to help people develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships. Wiley's extensively researched and time-tested resources create the opportunity for transformational experiences. Wiley helps people discover their potential and organizations realize greater success.


Inscape (acquired by Wiley) pioneered the original DiSC® learning instrument over three decades ago. Today, Wiley develops learning resources in 24 languages and distributes these tools in over 50 countries. More than 45 million people have used Wiley's DiSC products to explore building stronger relationships. Innovation continues to be a driving force at Wiley - creating products and services designed to inspire, energize, and empower.
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